What does Feldenkrais & Anat Baniel Method for Children do?

  • It uses gentle movement and touch to illuminate for a child how they can move efficiently, comfortably, and effectively, coordinating their entire body to help them achieve what they want to do physically. It is a pain-free, repetitious excercise-free method that can very effectively increase motor skills and coordination.
  • This work can also increase a child's access to the physical states which would accompany feeling calm, attentive, powerful... you name it. As children gain more control over their bodies in this way, they have greater understanding of how to access a range of appropriate emotions & mental states, and their expressions of these become more "typical"- in the process, the child often becomes happier, has an easier time with transitions, and has more ability to focus.
  • Movement starts in the brain. Feldenkrais & Anat Baniel Method for Children use small movements that invite a child's attention, and are structured to show off small differences which the brain picks up- a lesson creates an environment where the child is able to learn. For some children, it is this experience of how one learns that is the most important part of the session. This experience, of doing something in a small, slowed down manner with attention and curiosity, gives the child agency. It gives then a template to follow and a recent experience that they can replicate themselves - they realize that they have the capacity to learn and act in their environment.
  • Anat Baniel Method for Children and Feldenkrais can help for a wide spectrum of challenges, from minor motor delays to the effects of severe brain injury.
  • Some of the conditions which can be improved include Autism Spectrum Disorders, Brachial Plexus Injury, Cerebral Palsy, and Downs Syndrom