The Feldenkrais Method is concerned with two things: functional movement and the learning process. People of all ages and level of ability can benefit.

A functional movement could be as small as the movement of your eyes as you read text, as large as running, and as complex as the movement involved in playing an instrument well.

In Feldenkrais sessions, also called lessons, you will become aware of your habitual ways of moving and of alternative movement patterns that may be easier, less stressful, less painful, or more efficient.

Feldenkrais lessons can help with a variety of goals, including:

  • relief from chronic pain,
  • full recovery from injuries,
  • regaining mobility after a stroke,
  • breaking out of a creative or emotional rut, and
  • reaching top performance.

Feldenkrais is taught in two ways:

Functional Integration lessons are one-on-one sessions which utilize touch and are tailored to the students needs and goals.

Awareness Through Movement lessons are taught primarily with verbal instruction, and are often taught to a group. Please call or email for a current schedule.

Customized Awareness Through Movement sessions are available & can be very affordable. They can be tailored to wide variety of interests: a particular sport, to address arthritis, vision issues, walking... please call and I can help you create a series that will suit your needs and interests.